There’s no must in art, and we set you free!Free to mint, 0% royalty on secondary!
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American Gothic is a painting by Grant Wood in 1930, which depicts the absurdity of the NFT market “a structural absurdity, to put a Gothic-style window in such a flimsy frame house".

PPAPE is inspired by American Gothic, also a tribute to 2016 hit track ‘PPAP’ by PIKOTARO’. The pitchfork and fruit are the symbols to represent the absurd blockchain. Those facial expressions on NFT images like joyful, furious, and frustrated show the reactions when people are facing rug pulls in the crypto market.

Our ape characters are named Piper and Pope. Piper on the left is inspired by the fairytale Pied Piper of Hamelin, and Pope on the right is a tribute to the poet Alexander Pope on his quote “Fools rush in where angels fear to tread”.

Up to 2022, greed and fear still dominate humans to commit irrational acts, and the Tulip Mania of the 16th century is still active in the current blockchain. The only difference between now and then is that ancient people looked for solid bulbs while morden people seek the illusive numbers.

Salute to the Bored Ape Yacht Club in the NFT world which created the Ape PFP! Get the free PFP of our NFT collection PPAPE, you can get double apes and a bonus house after crafting!

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All kinds of amazing possibilities.
steps of crafting or combining apes
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step 1 of roadmap is release ppape
step 2 of roadmap is release ppape coin
step 3 of roadmap is start stacking ppape coin
step 4 of roadmap is playing ppape game
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Coming soon
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What's your launch schedule?
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WL Raffle Registration is on! Join through the Premint URL on our Twitter profile now.
What can I do to be on the whitelist?
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You can register through the Premint link on our Twitter profile. (A Twitter account is required for registration.)
When would I know if I'm on the whitelist?
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You can connect your wallet here on the upper right to check if it's permitted after receiving the confirmation email.
How many PPAPE NFT available? Can I mint more than one at a time?
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There are 10,000 blindbox NFTs in total- 5000 will be Left Apes and 5000 will be Right Apes. We allow one NFT for each wallet address. Follow us on Twitter to keep track on more project information!
What blockchain is PPAPE on?
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Ethereum. ERC-721.
How would it cost for one PPAPE NFT?
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Free mint! Gas fee only.
How to mint?
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Connect your MetaMask wallet, click on 'MINT' and all you need to do is following the instructions!
When do you reveal?
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NFT image will be revealed right after crafting- you must combine one Left Ape NFT and one Right Ape NFT to get a double-ape NFT.
What about the NFT rarity?
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There is no specific rarity for a single -ape NFT. Rarity only applys to double-ape NFTs.
Where can I get another PPAPE if I want crafting?
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There could be some PPAPE NFTs on OpenSea but it's limited. Get yours now!
How does the crafting work?
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You must combine one Left Ape and one Right Ape to complete crafting on our <Craft> page. When the crafting process is completed, you will get a new two-ape NFT which is randomly generated and the original two you owned will be burnt permanently. That is, the items on the two-ape NFT is not predictable and not guarenteed.
Do you have Discord or Telegram?
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Currently we only have Twitter as our official social media channel. Stay tuned for all the updates!
What are your utilities?
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Utilities will be revealed on our website roadmap.
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