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Currency and Rate
What is $PPAPE (PPAPE Token)? And how can I get it?
$PPAPE is a token on the Ethereum blockchain. The official name is PPAPE Coin, and we use $PPAPE as an abbreviation here.
Currently you can get more $PPAPEs by staking double-ape PPAPE NFT and exchanging the PPoints you earn from staking to get more $PPAPE. PPAPE NFT collection is purchasable here, get yours now!
Each staked double-ape PPAPE NFT is enabled to earn 2500 PPoints every day.
Or you can visit Uniswap for $PPAPE availability.
What is PPoint? And how can I get it?
PPoint is the official gaming currency in the PPAPE WORLD, and you can also exchange it for $PPAPE. People can earn PPoint by staking PPAPE NFT.
Log in with your gmail account and you'll receive 10,000 PPoints for free. You can also get more PPoints by inviting your friends to join the game, winning in the game, or using $PPAPE to exchange for it. Click here for more information!
What's the exchange rate?
10 PPoints : 1 $PPAPE.
Can I stake any PPAPE NFT?
Only double-ape NFT can be used for staking. You can combine two single-ape NFTs of opposite gender to get a double-ape NFT in our “Craft” section.
How much can I earn from staking?
Staking reward is 2500 PPoints per double-ape NFT per day, which will be sent to your account everyday at 00:00 (EST).
Can I move or trade my staked NFT?
NFT can't be moved or traded when it's staked unless you unstake it.
Is there a gas fee?
All the actions taken to stake and unstake NFT will come with a gas fee.
What's PIPA World Cup 2023?
PIPA World Cup 2023 is a global RPS game on ethereum blockchain, which leaves no chance for anyone or any bot to cheat. The official gaming currency is PPoint.
How does it work?
The Transaction Hash of the first transaction from the next block on ethereum blockchain determines the outcome.
You need to connect your Gmail before you start this blockchain game.
Take your pick to start- rock, paper, scissors, or random. “Random” means you allow the system to pick for you randomly.Then select which base you are going to use for each play- 100, 200, 500, 1000, 5000, 10000 (PPoints).Rock beats scissors, scissors beat paper, and paper beats rock.What the system will throw depends on the Transaction Hash from the next transaction on ethereum blockchain. When you win, you'll receive 1.98x PPoints of your base.
Is it gambling?
The whole PPAPE project is an artistic act. It uses gamble-like games to satirize the absurdity of blockchain. When we are 'investing' in futures contract or playing online gambling games, it is much like using Rock-Paper-Scissors to randomly allocate our assets.
In the world of PPAPE, we definitely don't want anyone to lose any penny- because PPAPE NFT is free-to-mint, and the PPoints given as your trial fund are free as well. Based on the free-of-cost and unexchangeable concepts, it is a form of entertainment. It's not gambling.
Do I need to know anything about blockchain to play?
Anyone can play PPAPE WORLD's blockchain games with simply a Gmail account.
As a beginner, do I have to pay to join?
It's free-to-join. Log in with your Gmail account and you'll get 10,000 PPoints as your trial fund, then you can start playing right away!
Why do you need my Gmail?
We use Gmail as a quick log-in method, and your gmail account would also be used for receiving reward / prize notification.
Do I have to choose my team based on my nationality?
No. You can just choose the team you want to cheer for.
How can you prove that the results are fair and transparent?
Every single RPS game result (=transaction hash) is available on the third-party website. You can visit etherscan.io to check all the transaction hashes by clicking the link in the 'Txn ID' section.
Can I exchange the PPoints I won for cash?
PPoints can not be exchanged for fiat, and we do not offer any channel for it either. When you get your PPoints, you can exchange it for our $PPAPE.
How can I swap out $PPAPE?
After linking the wallet, exchange PPoint into the cryptocurrency $PPAPE on the site, and $PPAPE will be automatically imported into your wallet. Link this wallet on other websites such as Uniswap, and you can see that $PPAPE is available for use.

Wallet, also known as crypto wallet. You'll need one to store or trade your cryptos.
There are multiple options to create your crypto wallet- we recommend you 'MetaMask' as it supports a broad range of Ethereum-based tokens and NFTs and is beginner-friendly.
Tutorial: How to create a Metamask wallet?
Do you have whitepaper?
Yes, you can check our whitepaper at GitBook.